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As your bathtub is one of the few spaces in your bathroom that you can fully relax in after a long day, it’s important that it adheres to your expectations. There are many reasons to upgrade your bathtub to create a modern oasis, and here are six of them just for you.

When you want a new look

Whether you’re selling your house or want an update for yourself, replacing your bathtub is a smart investment. It’s sure to enhance your bathroom experience and give you more time to relieve daily stress. If you plan on selling your home, having a brand new tub will definitely impress potential buyers.

When it’s damaged

If your tub is riddled with cracks, chips, holes or leaks, there’s a chance that it will lead to damaging the structure that’s holding it up. Leaving it as is will also make any leakage problems worse over time, resulting in more money being spent not just to replace the tub but to fix any structural damage as well.

When it’s mouldy

Having mould and mildew growing in or around your bathtub doesn’t make the idea of using it very appealing. Mould can also insight allergic reactions, respiratory problems, depression and nervous system disorders, depending on the severity. For your health, and the health of your family, it’s better to replace the bathtub entirely rather than remodelling it.

When it’s stained

While stains on your bathtub make the fixture look horrible and age, it also creates a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria. It’s hard to enjoy your nightly bath when the tub looks filthy and germ-riddled. To protect your health, as many stains can’t be scrubbed away or properly sanitized, it’s best to replace the bathtub entirely for peace of mind.

When you’re renovating

Newer, freshly renovated bathrooms are a great selling point for any home. A bathroom renovation is also the perfect time to rip out your old, outdated bathtub and replace it with something ten times better. You don’t have to worry about replacing it after the renovation’s finished or damaging other fixtures in the future. Do it along with everything else and save yourself the headache of getting to it later on.

When you don’t use it anymore

Is your bathtub just sitting in the corner of the room, being used as storage instead of for its intended purpose? Do you have a shower-tub combo that you never sit down and relax in? Then it’s probably about time that you replaced it with a full-standing shower. Not only will it be a nice addition to your bathroom, but it will be used on a daily basis.

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