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When doing a bathroom renovation, you don’t want to fast-track choosing your bathroom vanity. It is easily the main attraction of your bathroom, and you will want to make sure that it’s perfect for you and your home. How do you choose the perfect vanity? 

As much as we would like to think that choosing a bathroom vanity is an easy process, it actually requires a lot of thought and detailed planning. 

Who Will Be Using The Bathroom?

Before buying your new vanity, you’ll want to think about who will be using it and what they will be using it for. An example of this is if you are doing renovations on your ensuite for you and your partner. If you both have early mornings, it would be best to go for vanity with a double sink to make that process smoother. If you have the bathroom all to yourself, then you can scale-down and go for something smaller. You also want to think about how they will be using the vanity. If you or someone in your house likes to do their makeup and hair in the bathroom, then you’ll want to look at vanities that have extra space to accommodate all of their supplies.

Where Is Your Plumbing Located?

Where your plumbing is located usually dictates where your vanity will go. If you decide to change the location, then you will be looking at more time and money spent on your renovation project. With that being said, your plumbing will also narrow down the options available to you when it comes to style. 

How Much And What Kind Of Storage Do You Want?

One of the perks of having a vanity is space! You no longer have to find creative hiding spots for your curling irons and razors. Before getting too excited, you’ll want to figure out placement and size. Depending on the space that you have available to you and the things you want to store, you may have to compromise. You may only be able to accommodate two rows of drawers and a sink, but you always have the option to mix and match and create a vanity that is customized specifically for your needs. 

Determine Your Sink Style

You’ve probably already chosen your faucet and taps, but don’t forget to also choose your sink. There are so many sink styles available that it can get overwhelming trying to pick just one. 

If you are considering doing a bathroom renovation, contact us at Bathwall Industries. We have been providing quality service to our clients since 1980 and can bring your dream bathroom to life!

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