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Bathroom designs have always been a prominent part of interior design and style. Every detail from the bathroom floors to shower bases help to complete the room and reflect the homeowner’s style. Shower bases, also known as shower trays or shower pans, have transformed in style, colour and material over the years to reflect current desires and trends. Along with interior design changes in other parts of the home, bathrooms have been modernized and altered throughout the years.

Discover the design alterations and functional changes to shower bases over the years below.

1. Material and Style

The materials used to create shower bases in recent years have almost exclusively been acrylic and fibreglass. Although these are two of the more expensive options, both are installed relatively quickly. More modern bathroom designs are focused on providing a luxurious experience for homeowners. As a result, some are choosing tile or stone-based shower bases to suit the rest of the bathroom design. Tiles are not only visually appealing but quite practical for bathroom use.

2. Showers Over Tubs

One of the most popular trends that comes to mind in regard to changing bathroom design is the decline of the proverbial shower-tub combination. Many homeowners have lost interest in bathtub use or simply do not have the time. Currently, homeowners are choosing a shower replacement service to have a free-standing shower installed. Not only do free-standing showers fit more easily in confined bathroom spaces, but they are far more modern in design. 

3. Barrier-Free Bases

Due to the increased interest in minimalist design and convenience, there has been a stark decline in curbed shower bases. Coveted for the stylish, modern design, open concept showers are all the rage for both functionality and style. This design makes the entire bathroom seem larger, cleaner and far sleeker. Curbless shower basins eliminate visual clutter, make shower use safer without a barrier and are much easier to clean, which avoids frequent upkeep.

4. Water-Proofed Bases

Previously, waterproof shower base trays were made out of copper lines and rubber material. These materials were effective at preventing the subfloor from excessive moisture exposure. The misconception that grout and tiles are waterproof has been deemed false. Additional waterproofing methods are required to further protect the rest of the bathroom, such as liquid membranes, sheet membranes or a waterproof foam base. 

5. Marble Shower Bases

Cultured marble shower bases have become immensely popular for homeowners that want to create a high-gloss, sleek shower design. Resistant to many chemicals and substances in shampoos, soaps and make-up marble shower bases are also quite durable. The primary con of this design is that the cultured marble material is quite heavy and may chip easily.
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