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Once thought to be the lesser of all bathtub and shower wall materials, acrylic surrounds are now available in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures that can help you achieve the bathroom look of your dreams. Without breaking the bank, you can have a remodeled bathtub or shower area in a short amount of time. Continue reading to learn about all the other benefits that come with installing an acrylic shower.

Fast Installation

If you want your bathroom renovation to go quickly, prefabricated acrylic surrounds can help you do that. Whether you install it yourself or hire a professional, the job can be completed in a single day. You can’t get much faster than that, especially when considering other materials can take days or even weeks to install.

An Affordable Option

Don’t have much to spend on your bathroom renovation or want to focus your budget on other aspects of the room? Then an acrylic shower should be at the top of your list, as they’re less expensive than a lot of the other shower wall options.

Incredibly Light

As acrylic is a type of plastic, you can expect these shower surrounds to be much lighter than one made up of tiles. If you discover that your home’s flooring has structural issues and can’t bear too much weight, acrylic shower walls are the best solution.

Has a Flexible Base

When you have an acrylic surround installed, you don’t have to worry about it cracking due to shifting or flexing within the subfloor. You also don’t need to worry about gapping and leaks occurring due to the shower base’s flexibility. A thin layer of mortar can be applied to stabilize the bottom and prevent cracking, unlike other shower surrounding materials.

DIY Friendly

Whether this is your first time doing a bathroom renovation or you’re a seasoned pro, anyone can install a shower surround with the right tools. Prefabricated shower kits are available for an easy do-it-yourself installation job.

Little To No Seams

The number of visible seams will determine how your shower replacement burnaby surround is installed. If you use a kit to install it yourself, then expect to see a seam or two at the corners and along the top of the tub or shower pan. For a completely seamless acrylic shower install, you’ll need to hire professionals to take on the task.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike tiled showers where you need to clean the surface as well as the grout lines, acrylic shower surrounds are easy to keep clean and stay clean. You don’t have to tire out your back scrubbing at stubborn grout buildup. All you need is a few minutes to get your acrylic shower looking bright and new.

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